PondMax Evo II EP Series Submersible Pumps

Shipping to the Continental United States Only

PondMax EP700 Filtration/Waterfall Pump $249

PondMax EP1100 Filtration/Waterfall Pump $299

PondMax EP1700 Filtration/Waterfall Pump $349

PondMax EP2300 Filtration/Waterfall Pump $399

PondMax EP2900 Filtration/Waterfall Pump $449

PondMax EP3500 Filtration/Waterfall Pump $499


The PondMax EP Series, filtration/Waterfall pumps are recognized as one of the most versatile and energy-efficient pumps available in the water gardening industry. Features such as the auxiliary suction, solids handling capacity, and the built-in SMARTMAG motor protection further complement this unique pump design.


Pumps sludge particles up to 3/8"

Energy-efficient Continuously Rated Motor

Easy to Clean Low Maintenance no sponge needed

Heavy-Duty Handle for Easy Access and Installation

Non-Clogging Robust Impeller Design

Comes with swivel Ball Joint and fixed hosetail fittings

SMART MAG Motor Protection - provides longevity by preventing motor burnout

Works excellent for pressurized filtration systems

3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

EP700   850GPH max flow rate.             475GPH @ 5ft                        10ft max head ft.                     20watt                             32ft cord

EP1100  1250GPH max flow rate.           740GPH @ 5ft 275GPH @ 10ft.        13ft max head ft         40watt            32ft cord

EP1700  1850GPH max flow rate.         1200GPH @ 5ft. 650GPH @ 10ft.  150GPH @ 15ft.   16ft max head ft      70 watt.   32ft cord

EP2300. 2400 GPH max flow rate.      1625GPH @ 5ft. 925GPH @ 10ft.  350GPH @ 15ft.  18ft max head ft.   100 watt.   32Ft cord

EP2900.  3000GPH max flow rate.   2350GPH @ 5ft.  1800GPH @ 10ft.  1050GPH @ 15ft. 200GPH @ 20ft.   21ft max head ft.   140 watt.  32ft cord

EP3500   3450GPH max flow rate.     2700GPH @ 5ft.  2100GPH @ 10ft.  1300GPH @ 15ft.  500GPH @ 20ft.   23ft max head ft.  170watt   32ft cord