Membership Plans

Preston ponds offers five unique membership plans. Each plan incorporates a spring opening and fall closing. There is also a wide range of in-season maintenance service options that will fit the needs of you and your pond. 

Additionally, each pre-paid* or installment* plan includes a built-in discount when compared to individual services

All prices are based on gallonage. 

(length x width x average depth x 7.48)

*Payment must be received by March 15th for pre-paid plans.

*Must have a valid credit card on file for installment plans. Six monthly payments beginning March 15th and ending august 15th.

Features and benefits of Preston Ponds Membership Plans:

-Priority Scheduling

-Big savings when compared to a-la-carte pricing

-Additional savings, up to $45/month, with free in-season maintenance additives (salt, algae fix, beneficial bacteria, pH up/down)

-Peace of mind knowing that your pond is in the best of hands

View your options for membership plans below.