How to Backwash your PondMax Filter


Within this post, you will find a step by step walkthrough on how to backwash your PondMax filter. Backwashing your filter has many benefits. Firstly, in order to ensure your filter remains in the best condition, you need to backwash your filter at least once every month. Additionally, backwashing your filter aids in keeping your pond extra clean. When the filter pads are built up with too much debris, the filter is unable to preform as it should, therefore causing the water to appear cloudy or dirty. If you want to learn how to properly backwash your filter, follow along below!

Please read directions before attempting to backwash your PondMax filter. Backwash instructions must be followed in exact order so as to not damage the filter. Not following the steps could potentially result in damage to the unit and will void warranty on the filter.

Step #1:  Turn the red ball valve handle counterclockwise to “open” position.

Step #2: Turn black backwash arrow knob clockwise. It should point in the same direction as the red ball valve handle. Please Note: Water will immediately flow from the backwash port.

Step #3: Next, continuously rotate black spinning handle located on top of the filter until water exiting the backwash port begins to turn clear.

Step #4: Once clear water is exiting the backwash port, turn the black backwash arrow knob counterclockwise to the original position until the water from the backwash port stops flowing. Important: DO NOT TOUCH THE BALL VALVE HANDLE DURING THIS STEP.

Step #5: Finally, turn the red ball valve handle clockwise to the initial “closed” position.